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Leap: Why It's Time to Let Go to Get Ahead in Your Career
More than three million women left the workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic, and even more are considering leaving or downshifting. Corporate women feel misled. Told they could "have it all," women instead feel dissatisfied and exasperated. They have not lost ambition or dreams for their career, but they are reckoning with their corporate reality: environments that are designed for men, the burden of caretaking labor at home, and bias in hiring and promotions. These factors leave many women stuck—feeling unfulfilled but fearful about making a leap to reinvent their careers. If this describes you, then Leap will give you the guidance and confidence you need to pivot toward fulfillment and authenticity. Intrigued by other women who have made gratifying career shifts, career strategist Jessica Galica embarked on a series of interviews and discovered that her story—building a career by doing everything "right" but waking up lost—is not unique. Leap encourages women at a similar crossroads to let go of stale and rigid narratives around work and instead focus on purpose. Drawing from the stories of courageous women who took the leap and Galica's own career journey, Leap examines: The feelings that lead women to yearn for something different in their career The strategies that help women to embrace new possibilities and pivots The fulfillment that comes from making the leap
Urging a pivot toward fulfillment, control, and flow in one’s work and career, Galica’s up-to-date debut offers motivational testament to the possibility of career-minded women taking risks, moving past fear of the unknown, and trailblazing their own paths to greater success. Galica notes that “two-thirds of the female workforce is wondering whether they should not just leave their jobs but change industries entirely." Her practical-minded guide offers clear lessons in becoming "unstuck" from draining and unfulfilling career choices. Sharing inspiring interviews with women who made the “leap,” and drawing from her personal experience, Galica delves into why women often feel dissatisfied at work, how to embrace what matters most, and what it takes to bet on themselves—and discover career paths that are more engaging and rewarding.

While Galica writes with a coach’s warm directness, Leap acknowledges the real challenges that can stymie workers’ seeking more. She considers the familiar advice “to align career with your passion” and makes the case that, often, passion isn’t enough. Instead, she argues that playing to one’s strengths and “replacing 'follow your passion' with 'go where you want to contribute'" is crucial, especially for women, who often are made to feel “guilty or uncomfortable switching careers just for passion’s sake.”

Galica backs up insights like that with hard-won wisdom and action steps, engaging reflection exercises, and compelling, on-point testimony from women who dared to leap—and flourish, including heavy hitters like filmmaker Ava DuVernay and celebrity chef Ina Garten. Touchingly, Galica considers the example of her own mother, who over time, unable to let go of “socioeconomic guilt and fear,” resisted making a change, until at last, in her fifties, she followed her joy, her strengths, and her sense of where she wanted to contribute, returning to school and starting fresh. Leap demonstrates that such happy endings don’t have to be put off.

Takeaway: Wise, action-oriented guide for women considering career changes.

Comparable Titles: Karen Arrington's Your Next Level Life, Tessa White's The Unspoken Truths for Career Success.

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