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Charlie Leary
Leary's Global Wineology: A Guide to Wine Education, Mentorships, and Scholarships

Adult; Other Nonfiction; (Market)

This is the only guide to wine education programs, classes, and scholarships. Those desiring to increase their understanding and appreciation of wine for personal enjoyment or social know-how, and those who are want to pursue a professional career in the wine industry now confront a plethora of wine education options with a confusing array of titles, degrees, certificates, and specializations. Some wine education is free and short, while other programs can cost dearly in time and money. Some courses of study take a few hours and others a few years. Institutions offering wine education vary from state colleges and universities to non-profit organizations and many profit-seeking companies. Sommeliers require training that may be mostly useless to vintners. Someone who wants to deftly handle ordering wine in a restaurant probably doesn’t want to learn about wine chemistry or Integrated Pest Management. Which program is right for you? What’s the difference between an MS and an MW or an MS in viticulture? Is the education for a CWE the same as that for a WSET Diploma? Are some schools better for learning about wine journalism than the wine business? This book will help answer such questions. There are chapters on wine studies programs and credentials, including for sommeliers and those working in the wine trade; university viticulture and enology programs; wine business study programs; free online wine education; wine studies scholarships; and wine mentorship programs.
Jane Anson, Wine Expert and Journalist

Charlie Leary is a talented writer, and he breaks down the wine education and career development opportunities with clarity and ease. An indispensable guide to what is out there - from scholarships to professional training and mentorship programmes, across all aspects of the wine industry. Full of inspiration and practical advice.



He smartly leads in with something of a “cheat sheet” for those who want the quick answers such as: best value, most vibrant, most recognized, and a few others. This is a solid round up and works to get everyone on an even footing in terms of the most immediate options within reach. . . . 

A very complete book of which I know of no other like it and if you’re looking to get started in wine or want to further your education in another direction, I’d recommend picking it up.

Natalie Maclean

Leary’s Global Wineology: A Guide to Wine Education, Mentorships, and Scholarships by Charlie Leary gives a comprehensive overview of the many ways both wine beginners and professionals can deepen their vinous knowledge. 

Nova Cadamatre, Master of Wine

It is a comprehensive look at many options available to a person who wishes to advance their own wine knowledge in many different ways and directions

Sajive Jain, Owner of Bottle Barn, Sonoma

This groundbreaking book on wine education will be useful to business owners as well as wine enthusiasts. When I bought my wine business, I looked far and wide for guidance on classes or programs to strengthen my wine knowledge. Nothing existed. It was an arduous task to figure out which course to take amongst the so many offered! Charlie Leary has now filled that gap. It will be useful to me not only in assessing candidates for employment, but also as a resource in training my staff. This guide is indispensable for anyone in the wine trade, writ large, and has lots of information of use to the general wine-drinking public who want to learn more. 

Sommelier Business

Until now, there existed no complete guide, or any guide, to the plethora of wine study courses in the world. Leary’s Global Wineology: A Guide to Wine Education, Mentorships, and Scholarships definitively changes that situation. This book, currently available as an inexpensive eBook with a print edition forthcoming, covers programs and credentials for the wine trade and sommeliers as well as viticulture/enology programs and wine business degrees. It also compiles a description of various scholarship programs and wine industry mentorships. 

. . .

Overall, this book is a treasure trove for anyone interested in taking a wine course or pursuing advance degrees or qualifications in wine. It is thoughtful and thoroughly researched. The price tag under $10 makes it a good value. The eBook format also makes navigation and research a snap.


The Wine Conversation

A really interesting new book that looks at all the different opportunities that are out there for wine education: ways to deepen and improve knowledge at every different level. Charlie is someone who believes in education.

The Wine Economist

Charlie Leary presents a clear, comprehensive resource for anyone interested in pursuing wine education from beginner to expert levels. The book is well-organized and covers programs for every budget and purpose, in both academic and non-academic settings, and in many countries.