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Christopher Fryer
Left To Fry
Remember 2010? Long before the pandemic, before the election. Before it felt like the world was crumbling before our eyes. A simpler time. Not that life was simple. That was the year I was fired. Then I broke up with my girlfriend. I had a Bachelors in Creative Writing, no career ambition, no savings, and about as much hope in the world as a snowball has in a microwave. I was on my own. Life started happening. Happening fast. And I did my best to capture it all in a blog called "Left to Fry," which kept me focused, kept me motivated, and sometimes got me into trouble. I kept blogging for nearly ten years, crafting in real-time the nonfiction story of somebody finding out who they are, what they want, and how to get it. No easy feat when you're Left to Fry. Find such exciting stories inside as: interning for a newspaper in Sacramento, making coffee, brain tumors, going to a Vampire Ball, a workplace romance, trips to the dentist, falling in love, bonfires, traveling to Istanbul, a summer in South Korea, and more! This is an autobiography and a travel story mixed into one. It is a time-capsule, not only of my life as an aspiring author and mad-talented barista, but the lives of others, told through stories, reflections, and the philosophical musings of a twenty-something vagabond. A few names have been changed. Everything else is true. Unless you're my mom, then none of this is true.