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P.J. Flie
Legacy of Seven: A Guardian Rises
P.J. Flie, author
Two thousand years in the future wizards, mortals, and machines alike struggle to survive and control a dystopian medieval society. In the dazzling debut of The Legacy of Seven series, author P.J. Flie combines the magical worldbuilding of your favorite fantasy with the droids and interplanetary power plays of the best science fiction. Dive into this exciting series with A Guardian Rises [October 2021, The Book Forge]. \tOndreeal is an ordinary farm girl – until a disastrous display of magical power transports her far away from her home. Grappling with how to control her powers, she seeks isolation. But Sir Francis, the benevolent old wizard who protects the city of Bastion from the dark wizard Zairoc is desperate to find her. CD-45, a lonely construction droid, joins forces with Baston guard captain Trick Mark to battle their way to warn Sir Francis of Zairoc’s impending attack. \tWhoever controls the magic controls the fate of the galaxy. \tReaders who enjoy From Blood and Ash by Jennifer Armentrout, A Memory of Light by Brandon Sanderson, and The 100 series by Kass Morgan will love Legacy of Seven: A Guardian Rises.