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M. Daniel Smith
Legacy's Road: The Red Path
LEGACY’S ROAD SERIES, BOOK ONE THE RED PATH In this enthralling historical novel, Harold Knutt, a young British officer, arrives in Western Pennsylvania in 1758 near the end of the French and Indian War. Thrown into the chaos of battle, he proves himself a capable strategist. After leading a one-sided victory against extreme odds, he is given the honorary title of Red Fox by the men who follow him. He meets his match in Meghan O’Malley, a strong-willed colonist. She is one of dozens of camp followers helping support English troops and Colonial militiamen on the march, aiming to force the French to vacate the Ohio River Basin. The two of them begin a one-sided courtship. Meghan is unable to return Harold’s love due to the horrific loss of her husband and young son during a settlement raid several years earlier. She is eager to find and exact her revenge on a one-eyed native who haunts her dreams. Harold, tasked by the leader of the expeditionary force to convince native tribes to join their forces against the French, meets A’neewa, daughter to a chieftain, who captivates him with her direct approach to life. The two of them soon learn each other’s history, culture, and ambitions. Harold is aware that A’neewa and her people’s way of life will come to an end, no matter which nation wins the war. Come join Harold, the two women he has come to love and the people they meet along the red path. Don’t miss the breath-taking finale where revenge, love, and the lives of those he cares for will end up placed in destiny’s hands.