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Legend of the Broken Paddle
Bill Thesken, author
An adventurer down on his luck. A beautiful movie star looking for a simpler life. A secret waterfall in Hawaii. Two paths that cross. Ashley Pepper is one of the hottest movie stars in Hollywood. While filming in Hawaii she wanders off and gets lost deep in the jungle. Thomas O’Malley is a kind-hearted outdoorsman working on the river near the spot where she disappeared. Using high tech equipment, every first responder on the island is scrambling to find Ashley. With a hurricane headed their way, and no sign of the super star, time is running out. O’Malley, with his knowledge of the back country, decides to ‘take a look around’ to see if he can find her trail. Both are injured on the same slippery slope, and now their only way out is by navigating down a wild stream while a storm rages around, and within them.