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Let's Move Abroad: The all-in-one, no bullsh*t guidebook that makes moving overseas easy
Dreaming of moving abroad? Your adventure starts here! Have you been waiting for the right time to move abroad? Let me tell you, the time is now! Not sure if you can do this? I believe anyone can move abroad, and so can you! Pick up this engaging guide-meets-workbook and turn your dream into reality. JAM-PACKED WITH PRAGMATIC ADVICE AND RELATABLE STORIES Kickstart your move with down-to-earth advice from living abroad advocate Charlotte Rijkenberg. With her positive can-do attitude, Charlotte makes moving abroad manageable, easy, and exciting. Learn everything about picking the right destination, how to cruise through the visa process, how to land a job and set up your new life. More importantly, the book will also cover the much-needed mental preparations. Helping you to face potential challenges and setbacks with confidence and positivity. START YOUR MOVE WITH 40 ACTION-FOCUSED ACTIVITIES Successfully plan your move with the help of 40 guided activities. Turn your dream into a plan, resolve any fears, doubts, or mental obstacles, and make decisions with confidence. The action-focused activities will help you step-by-step to plan and execute your life-changing adventure. 10+ PRACTICAL CHECKLISTS, PLUS ACCESS TO HELPFUL DIGITAL TOOLS Simplify your move with the help of many checklists, including the “Paperwork checklist” and “What to pack.” Plus, get access to digital tools, including the “Moving Abroad Action Plan” and the “Inventory Spreadsheet.” ARE YOU READY TO GO ON A LIFE-CHANGING JOURNEY?