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Sean Taylor-Cole
Let that dark horse run
My story is about how other people's actions, abuses and words can impact,alter and completely annihilate your life. It shows how apathy and complicity are just as ruinous. It is a disturbing, candid and gritty memoir that reveals the deterioration of the mind when unlawful harassment is allowed to run rampant in the workplace. It reveals how this grievous and shameful abuse caused mental suffering which left me alone and vulnerable to unscrupulous and negligent people. My harassers possesed unbridled authority for the rule of law, that was coupled with an unconscionable lack of empathy. This harassment altered the course of my life. The abuses that I sustained from my harasser's egregious actions and words caused such anxiety and pervasive suffering that I became incapacitied from mental health issues which fostered many mentally ill decisions. I had hopes and dreams and aspirations that were demolished because of the reprehensible actions of two Sergeants, an Inspector and the Chief of Police. I have now found myself in a precarious situation on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I have almost lost everything.