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Connie Du
Let us eat healthy
Connie Du, author

Children/Young Adult; Health, Diet & Parenting; (Market)

A little change in her diet has given Connie a son, Bernard, and a different life. A small change in a child's daily foods will make a great difference to his health, that is going to last for life long. A powerful true-story about the impact of foods on us. “Eat healthy; stay healthy. Healthy and happy always go together.” Healthy habits are the best gift parents can give to their children. Your children urgently need to develop healthy eating habits for them to grow well and thrive. Of course, they can’t achieve this goal without your help and guidance. The strong bond and loving relationship Bernard has with his mother in this book are the main forces that encourage the little boy to eat healthy from early on. Although this book is written for children, it is tremendously beneficial to everyone who reads it, and readers will grasp basic, important healthy eating rules in minutes! You can find many healthy food choices in this book too—for your whole family!