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Johnette DeRose
Letters From Liza
Have you ever thought what the world looks like from a dog's point of view? Read Letters From Liza and experience her adventures with her human siblings, Sam and Bea. In one letter they are off to Bald Head Island on vacation and in another they are pretending to be Sherlock Holmes and solving the mystery of the disappearing hibiscus plant. Liza shares her unique perspective as the beloved pet in the family. Their adventures are the same experiences that your child might have, and children enjoy seeing their own stories come to life on the page.
Kids Lit Book Cafe

Kids Lit Book Café Review


Letters From Liza by Johnette DeRose is a cute and charming collection of sweet, edifying, and even educational letters written by a lovable chocolate Labrador Retriever pup named ‘Liza.’ She writes endearing letters about the amazing and exciting new things she is learning about in the world! Liza's loving family is included in these letters along with all of the fun experiences they share together! For each month of the year, Liza writes a letter describing things like her daily routine, pets in the house, and how much the family enjoys gardening! It was a joy reading about the family's vacation to North Carolina in the summertime, along with Liza's first time on a ferry and how she saw an amazing view from the top of a big tall lighthouse!


The adorable, sketch-style illustrations are artistically delightful and go along perfectly with the book and each month of the year. My children and I were especially entertained by the cute pictures of all the family pets in the house and of Liza with the other dogs when she attends obedience school! Liza's paw-print signature at the end of each letter gives the story a special heart-warming touch!


Letters From Liza is the perfect treasure for all animal lovers big and small!  It is a wonderful, charming and entertaining book that will capture and enlighten the hearts of all its readers! It is a lovely and enjoyable year through letters of friendship, love and family. This is one of those books that children of all ages will want to read again and again. Letters From Liza by Johnette DeRose is an all-around 5 star book and comes highly recommended by Kids Lit Book Café for all children and families!