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Letters From the Love Room: Mapping the Landscape of Loss

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

After the death of a beloved 102 year old aunt, Corinne Martin explores the landscape of loss and learns more about her aunt, rediscovers their intriguing family, falls in love with her home ground again, and begins to heal. In the arduous trek through loss and letting go, Martin discovers that all love rooms intersect in the heart, and that our beloveds are never torn away.
Rev. Cathy M. Grigsby, Interfaith Ministers of New England and Chaplaincy Instit

Letters from the Love Room is a poetic rendering of what we all go through eventually if we have had the courage to give our hearts to another. There have been many books written on grief, but I doubt you will find another of such depth and personal, almost mystical, sharing.

Susan Lebel Young, Author of Food Fix: Ancient Nourishment for Modern Hungers; y

Letters from the Love Room is an apt title for this wise and compassionate work. The author of grief as it lands in her body, as it plays out in her life, as she feels it in the real world. Martin sits in the love room of grief and writes exquisitely from her heart. I love this book.