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Liar, Liar
Suzie Quint, author
Never let the truth ruin a good story!   Investigative journalist Cleo Morgan’s stories have created Pulitzer buzz, but circumstance push her into a lucrative but career-destroying job writing for a tabloid. Alejandro Ramirez is blown away by the new star reporter. There's definitely chemistry. Except she thinks she's better than everyone at the tabloid where they work. That grates on him since she's going to be writing stories about aliens and Elvis sightings just like the rest of them. In spite of the chemistry, she doesn't want to have anything to do with the smug news whore she thinks he is. Except she's already having fantasies about this hot Cuban ex-pat who's showing her the ropes at her new job. She hasn't even settled in yet when they get sent to cover a high-profile murder in Cleo's hometown, Las Vegas. Cleo is juggling secrets she doesn't want Alec to know when her mother's arrest for the murder make things a lot more complicated. To clear her mother, Cleo will have to make sure that Alec doesn't sell her out, and he will learn that she really is as good as she thinks she is. And at the end of the day, after she solves the murder, she has to decide if she wants her old life back bad enough to steal the story out from under her new partner.