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Robert Wiley
Life is Easier Than You Think
Robert Wiley, author

Life is Easier Than You Think is a road map for finding your way home, a place where you’re free to be yourself and not some version created by other’s expectations - where you can be at peace and have confidence to face life’s challenges. Join the author as he leads you on a simple but powerful journey toward emotional healing, self-acceptance and personal empowerment. As you are guided on this path you will gain practical tools that will assist you in living your best life. We have been taught to see ourselves and the world in a way that leaves us feeling insecure, weak, and distressed. In this book you will be offered a way of understanding yourself and those around you that allows for clarity and love as well as the ability to release judgment and shame. Life is Easier Than You Think provides a profound shift in perspective that will:

• Allow you to let go of past regrets and fearlessly face the future.

• Assist you in letting go of the need to please others.

• Help you find your self-confidence. •\tImprove your relationships, especially the one you have with yourself.