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Golden November
Life of The Impersonators: Collector's Edition

When an unexpected visitor shows up at Flower Rose’s bookstore, she calls in a favor to the book hunters, G, and JBT. A chain of unforeseen events begins as G and JBT team up with the expert recovery agent Jillian to travel into the wintry Snow Mountains to recover a map that will lead them to search deep into the Milestoneville Mountains. This page-turner novel is an exciting action-drama adventure. Most books you read, this book you act it out.

Reviewed By Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

5-Stars Reviewed By Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

Life of The Impersonators: Collector's Edition by Golden November takes you on another fast-paced action drama. One day, when Flower Rose and her son Eric are restocking their bookstore, Flower Rose gets an unexpected visit from her mom, Lucille, and her oldest brother, Thorpe. The last time Flower Rose saw her brother was back in seventh grade and no one knew where he was. Thorpe is the type of guy who always moves around, and his appearance is no ordinary visit. It is a visit that will make Flower Rose call in a favor from the book hunters, G and JBT. Everything has something to do with a map that will point to the buried Milestoneville gold hidden deep within the Milestoneville mountain mine. How they are going to get inside the mine is the multimillion-dollar question that sets off this book’s page-turning adventure.

Life of the Impersonators proves that a dialogue-driven narrative can provide as much fun and action as your traditional prose fiction. Golden November, in his ability to address ideas with an economy of words, gives you an exhilarating and refreshing feeling as you trek with the treasure hunters. Flower Rose at her advanced age may not be the heroine with the physical prowess that we expect, but she has the smarts and the connections to delegate perilous tasks. The bigger question, however, is will they ever find the gold? And this is what sets the Milestoneville Series apart from other fiction. November has his own way of giving a twist—a kind of plotting that is out of the box. It is the type of event that you least expect, and it sets the story arc into full force. Life of The Impersonators is a good choice for anyone for its sharp humor without resorting to language that will make you horripilate.

Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

 5-Stars Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Life of The Impersonators: Collector's Edition is a work of fiction in the drama, action, and adventure subgenres. It is intended for the general reading audience and was penned by author Golden November in the usual style for the author, with the plot unfolding in dialogue-only format and the script accompanied by images that set the scene. In this collection, we find ourselves alongside intrepid book hunters G and JBT, who are called upon by store owner Flower Rose when she meets a mysterious figure. Heading into the Milestoneville Mountains with expert Jillian at their side, this wisecracking duo will have to be prepared for literally anything fate has in store.

A treasure-hunting story with a kick of small-town drama, Golden November is sure to keep the Milestoneville fans happy with another easy-to-read installment of humor, hijinks, and high-octane thrills. There’s always a lot of reading between the lines with November’s writing, and in this edition that is used to install some wonderful surprise moments into the plot where you cannot predict what’s going to happen next, until one of the heroes is suddenly in dire straights. I liked Jillian very much; her lines were witty and she was exactly what the plot needed to elevate us out of what we already know about the recurring characters and add something exciting to the mix. Overall, I would always recommend any work in this series to those who enjoy Golden November’s unique style. Life of The Impersonators is a great place to start if you’re curious about Milestoneville and its many interesting inhabitants.