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C. R. (Chuck) Downing
Light Bender
Clarissa Newland helps her friend, Belton Flournoy, invent a chemical that will bend light rays around his body, rendering him invisible. While working on refining the chemical, they discover the chemical's side effects. Aliens running the Traveler's HOT L, a time travel establishment, offer the developers a chance to go back to before the chemical was invented and never invent it. Although appearing agreeable to that plan, Belton embarks on his own undertaking. The story of Belton's travels back in time to put right what he sees as wrongs and how the HOT L proprietors and time synchronizer work with Clarissa to stop Belton is dramatic and fast-moving.
Cor'a – ARC Reviewer

HOT L just keeps leading me on one adventure after another. Light Bender begins on a question and ends on an answer. Is it the right question?  Does the answer fit?  Take the Light Bending ride and experience the adventure. 

M. Rogers – ARC reader

C.R. Downing has done it again!

This installment of the Traveler’s HOT L series grabs your attention from the first sentence and doesn’t let up. I couldn’t put it down. With references to important historical events and science this story can keep the attention of anyone. One great aspect of how this series is written is that each story stands alone and is easily understandable and interesting on its own. So you can start with this one and then you will be hooked and know there are more you can delve into once you finish.

T. Bianchini - ARC reader

What would you do with the power of invisibility AND access to a time travel portal?
Light Bender, C. R. Downing’s fifth installment of the Traveler’s Hot L series, explores personal
and commercial implications of a means of invisibility combined with the opportunity to travel
through time. This edition serves as a stand-alone novel in the series, rather than a collection of
short stories as are the first two books.
I think the concept is brilliant, reminiscent of the 1980’s TV show Quantum Leap, with witty
banter between the recurring characters and multiple levels of moral dilemma. I also enjoyed
Downing’s sprinkling of nostalgic 1970’s-1980’s phrases and idioms throughout the text, and his
inclusion of scientific terms and historical details that enrich, but don’t overwhelm the story.
The dialogue is at times confusing due to Downing’s use of multiple points of view, but in
general it’s an easy read with clear rising action and conflict, complete with a surprising
Light Bender will appeal to readers from 6 th grade through adult who enjoy science fiction.
4 out of 5 stars