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Michael Pope
Lincoln's Touch
Michael Pope, author
During a dark period in early U.S. history, European migrants swarmed into the new fledgling and lawless nation struggling to find its identity. After emancipation of its slaves, a deep fracture opened an infected wound of racism and greed. Before his assassination, Abraham Lincoln left a last will and testament which will yield his descendants generational wealth and power. However he left one requirement: they must find an African-American or Native-American to give part of the inheritance to before it can be actualized. With most of Lincoln’s descendants dead and gone, one distant descendant in the 1970’s seeks to attain the bounty. Grand forces of greed and racist hate will go to great lengths to grab the spoils. They are all on the hunt for the will’s riches, taking this effort into a deadly direction. In the middle of it all, an African-American Chicago South Side father and son find themselves in a fight for their lives not knowing where all of this unwanted attention is coming from. The beginnings of their journey into Lincoln’s legacy will change their lives forever in LINCOLN’S GHETTO.