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Maryland State Police counter-sniper Brit Gentry took that fatal shot. Only she doesn’t remember pulling the trigger. Now after a psych evaluation and being placed on administrative leave while the brass investigates, Brit’s packing it up. If there’s one place where she can make sense of what happened, it would be in the mountains of western Maryland and the solitude of her cabin on Deep Creek Lake—drama can take a hike. Too bad someone didn’t tell escaped convict Pride Rivers to stay clear of one on-the-edge cop. It is no accident this ex-Army Ranger commandeers Brit Gentry and her Pathfinder on Interstate 68. He staked out her house for days. The wife of his double-crossing Army Ranger comrade would know a thing or two about the missing artifacts from Kabul. The same artifacts he was doing time for in a military prison until his recent escape. Being a fugitive on the run makes recon difficult. Pride’s unaware his gorgeous brown-eyed captive is trained to kill. And it’s Brit’s job to keep him in the dark—her life depends on it. But when hidden agendas are exposed, they are surprised to find they have one thing in common. They both want her husband dead. When wounded souls collide, anything can happen—even love. But first they’ll need each other to survive.