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Elizabeth Rose
Lion and the Lamb: Easter
♥ Will the lion lie down with the lamb? ♥ Widow, Rachael Bainard is furious to learn that her uncle has betroth her to their enemy, the Lion of the South. Her young son needs a father, but one bad marriage was enough and Rachael is in no hurry to wed again. If she can stall long enough, Lent will begin. By the laws of the church, no marriages are allowed between the start of Lent and Easter. This will give her the time she needs to figure out how to break the betrothal. However, things don't always go as planned, and it seems her luck has run out. Lord Lionel Hatchet lost his wife years ago, and needs help raising his unruly teenage daughter. For the sake of alliances, he has agreed to marry Lady Rachael Bainard, but she is late arriving. The start of Lent is nearly upon them. With no meat, dairy, or coupling allowed during this six weeks of fasting, Lionel is sure he will go mad. To add to his increasing concerns is the unexpected death of his father, smugglers, and also his daughter dressing like a boy, sneaking to the docks to drink in the tavern. Will this time of intense fasting before the holiest holiday of them all bring two troubled people closer together, or will it be enough to ruin a marriage before it has even begun?