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Lisa Acerbo
Liquid Foundations
Lisa Acerbo, author
Even the most solid foundation can be shaken. No place is safe anymore, and I’m on the run from something new. The putrid stink of zombies has been replaced by sulfur, feces, and wet dog. The High Point Inn has been abandoned, the landscape plagued by the unimaginable, animal-hybrids. Wolves and bears rise from the grave or maybe they never died. Sure, the hordes of undead humans are diminishing, but whatever lies in wait is faster, smarter, and spurned by the devil himself. With Caleb, Lilly, and Eric at my side, I search for friends and survivors. But the new evil has arrived. I can’t run quick enough. The wolves are here, and they're hungry, not to mention cunning and cruel. Endless rains force my group underground and into a cave system. Lost in the interminable, pitch-black subterranean tunnels, I struggle to keep my sanity and my life. There’s only one place in the world that makes sense anymore, and that’s where my friends are. If I can survive the dark and the zombie wolves, Hopewell, Maine, here I come.