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Little One

I would have been a beautiful woman by now. But when a body turns to dust before its time—when the mold is broken early—the spirit, like a casting, takes the mold’s last form. Though my awareness has grown, I retain the likeness by which I was last known: a girl of six years.

My soul has not passed over because I have not yet let it. I have grown and have learned to become patient. I am patiently awaiting my passing over, but I must have one thing before I am swept away by Elijah’s fiery chariots.

I must have vengeance.

The wind outside moans through the trees, telling me that my time is coming. It warns me to be careful, that vengeance is cold, too, and empty. But how can anyone trust the wind? Nobody knows where it comes from, or where it goes.

Vengeance will be mine.

Kelsea Stone can’t remember her childhood, and frankly, she doesn’t really care. She’s doing fine on her own in L.A. without any family to tie her down. But when she finds out her estranged birth parents have died and left her their house in Canaan Valley, West Virginia, she discovers more than just an inheritance waiting for her in the mountains.

In this chilling horror debut, Huguenin introduces a vengeful ghost haunting a lonely woman’s childhood home. When Kelsea Stone’s birth parents die, she returns to their house in the mountains of West Virginia but plans on only staying long enough to prepare it for sale. Put into foster care at a young age, she has no positive memories, only anger at not knowing why her parents gave her up. James, the attorney and executor her parents chose to help her, seems to know more but won’t tell her. Then strange and scary things start happening in the house, and a blizzard traps her there. Kelsea is forced to face a little girl’s ghost from her past and the devastation she brings—as well as other, even more unexpected threats. The heart-racing mystery will keep readers wondering who to trust and how the story will end. This strong debut marks Huguenin as a writer to watch. (BookLife)