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Living Fulfilled...The Infectious Joy Of Serving Others

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

In this worthy book Lisa Thomas-McMillan shares with us her journey of giving, beginning with her early years as the middle daughter in a large family of struggling workers in the poor colored neighborhood of Brewton Alabama back in the fifties, a period that instilled in her a strong sense of empathy for her fellow strugglers. We learn of her young love and experience of God and her attempt to escape her bleak environment in her late teens and early adulthood, during which a stint at college in Holland, Michigan was followed by a few years of feverish work that enabled her to settle into a nomadic lifestyle in the City of Angels. However, she was dramatically yanked out of her comfort zone by a call from God, which led her to return to her hometown, where her continued struggle to attain the American dream was slowly transformed, by the grace of God, into a life totally dedicated to serving the needs of the poor she loved so dearly. Thomas-McMillan also details her two long walks, one of 110 miles from Brewton to the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery and the second of 900 miles to Washington DC to bring to the public’s and the authorities’ attention the dire need experienced by so many of her fellow Americans. She details her reflections during the second walk, and her conversations with God, who seems to speak through her to us, reminding us of His constant care in the face of our weaknesses and His desire to transform us all into the human beings He intends us to be – those who live not for ourselves, but for others.