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Living on the Happy Edge of Anarchy
Ryan E. Long, author
What do shady Sicilians, an Amsterdam transvestite, a WW II photographer, a Mexican drug dealer, and a Holocaust survivor have in common? They served as catalysts for positive change in the author’s life. These characters – in addition to others – are brought to life in this unforgettable memoir. But this book, which was an Amazon top 3 new hot comedy release in 2013, isn’t really about the author, Ryan E. Long. It’s a messenger that delivers the lesson he learned: in the anarchy of life, strangers can sometimes be your best friends. Oftentimes, strangers have better insights into your problems than those who know you best. Strangers have nothing to lose at calling it like it is. Their blunt objectivity can help you to better understand your own problems and how to deal with them. The rest is up to you. Ryan currently lives in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. This is his first book. His next book, Dirty Quiet Money, was released in November 2014. For more information, please visit: