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Deena Williams
Lord Ormande's Daughter
In a dystopian world where nothing is as it seems, a young woman struggles to save her future and reclaim a forgotten past. Gillian Ellingsworth was born into a life of title and privilege, but it hasn't saved her from the savagery of the Conformity Church nor its cruel mistress, Deacon Devon. After an attack on the House of Lords forces Gillian to step into her Father's shoes, she uncovers the truth about the Church, and the lies they have told to maintain their control over the land. With the help of the mysterious Danan Farlington, and her Father's powerful allies, she does everything within her power to bring the Church to its knees. But will it be enough? Searching for truth in a world of lies, can technology save them before it is too late? Will the Lord Ormande's Daughter be able to navigate the trials of her Father's nefarious dealings? Can she find a new future in the ashes of her past?