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Delia Pitts
Lost and Found in Harlem

Lost and Found in Harlem Down-on-his-luck loner SJ Rook hits bottom when a mysterious fire guts the Auberge Rouge, a brothel where he rents a room. He sets out on a quest to find the arsonist whose crime killed an innocent girl. In his search Rook discovers one of Harlem's best-kept secrets: the Ross detective agency. This tiny security firm is staffed by the father-daughter duo of Norment and Sabrina Ross. The Ross Agency tackles those small personal cases that the police are too busy or too arrogant to take on. They track down lost relatives, lost paychecks, and provide muscle at neighborhood events. Murder isn't Rook's beat. But it finds him anyway as he delves deep into a diverse and lively community in search of answers to the death at the Auberge Rouge. Available in ebook and paperback through Amazon.