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  • 08/2018
  • 9780620803663 0620803665
  • 60 pages
  • $9.98
Adiela Akoo
Author, Editor (anthology)
Lost in a Quatrain
Adiela Akoo, author
A select collection of poems written over 18 years. This beautifully diverse debut collection contains poems that are rhythmic, lyrical, classical, contemporary, visual and with hidden depth. Poems from this collection have been nominated Poem of the Day and quoted in The South African House of Parliament.
Aneesa Ebrahim Airth

"An impressive debut by Adiela Akoo. Words cleverly woven together, vividly conjuring up pictures, memories and a vast range of feelings. What a priviledge it has been for me to step into each poem and savour its depth"

Divia Naidoo, Educator

" have found your muse. The poems are beautiful. Though you have drawn from your own experience, most of them are universal and I often thought it could be happening to me... Keep writing."

Edris Khamissa, International Motivational Speaker

"Brilliant! Adiela clearly loves playing with words that flow and dance upon the reader's tongue. Her skilful crafting includes depth, layering, tone, rhythm, vivid imagery and the presence of lived experience often provoking deeper thought. A very versatile poet whose poems linger long after you have read them"

F. Albritton, Reviewer on Amazon UK

"A clever and well versed anthology. Each poem is threaded into a life story. Everyone can relate to her experiences from childhood to motherhood and the prospect of death. The 'wall' that the poet seems to have built around herself finally collapses as she bursts forth... This anthology leaves you with wanting more - great reading in any weather..."

Mary Calvarene Pillay

" elegantly articulated in purity of thought. I was compelled from the first skim to complete the book in one sitting, captivated, as I paralleled your journey of life's questions. This anthology captures your essence of innocence, love, awareness and detail savoured by seekers of 'substance for the soul'..."

Robert Gailey, Amazon Reviewer

"I love this book, it touched my heart" 5*****

Poet Adiela Akoo Quoted in Parliament

The poem Whiplash from my debut poetry book, Lost in a Quatrain, was quoted in a speech in the South African House of Parliament. (Excerpt of speech on my website

)"A whipping tongue scathingly lashes a false sense of power failing to reflect that a tongue portrays the character of the possessor"    - Adiela Akoo

Guest of Honour: Poet Adiela Akoo

Poet, Adiela Akoo was nvited as the Guest of Honour at the MSA's opening event of the year and interacted with some promising young poets from the UKZN Pmb campus

Poem of the Day: Pre Natal by Adiela Akoo

The poem "Pre Natal" from Lost in a Quatrain by Adiela Akoo chosen as Poem of the Day by PoemHunter.comread the poem here:  

Radio Interview : Adiela Akoo

Poet Adiela Akoo, exclusive interview by veteran South African journalist Farook Khan, on the show "90 Minutes with Farook Khan". Included poetry readings from Lost in a Quatrain

Ebook Details
  • 08/2018
  • 9780620803663 0620803665
  • 60 pages
  • $9.98