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Tammy Andresen
Lost: The Love of a Lord
He’s just been made an earl but he can’t tell a soul… Mr. Ralph Fitzroy is about to receive an entire earldom for good deeds done. The catch? He needs to perform one more. Go to the funeral of the Earl of Kinross and figure out if foul play is involved. Easy enough. Except for that from the first, one major complication is making the entire affair very difficult, Miss Clara Welby. Beautiful, vivacious, and promised to his lead suspect. She’s in his way at every turn and muddling his investigation and his senses. There’s only one thing to do. Use Clara and her connection to Kinross to his advantage. Because only a fool would let desire stand in the way of an earldom. Which is why, he will not succumb to the guilt niggling in his gut. Even if he were willing to sacrifice his future for love, the lies he’s told are piling up so high and so thick, how could a woman as perfect as Clara ever trust a man like him?