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Renard Alotta
Love Always Disappoints -- Sometimes
By age 24, Trevor Jones lives alone in a crummy downtown apartment, works as a night janitor, and enjoys the safety of aspiring to nothing. He has experienced enough life to have figured out his place in the world. Mastering the art of lowering expectations has served him well. It’s a strategy proven useful in family, work, and especially in relationships. But for a single friend kept at arm’s length, he sticks to himself and has constructed a tolerable existence. Books are his solace, the pen a clandestine confidant. Unfortunately, it’s not a life he can maintain after crossing paths with Joy Gonzalez, his opposite in almost every way that matters. Joy is a couple years younger but clearly knows what she wants and is on her way to getting it. She’s a hard worker, with a strong private faith and dedicated to making the most of her life. Her well-crafted plans definitely don’t include distractions of Trevor’s caliber. They both have reasons for approaching life the way they do. When their paths cross it should be a non-event. And it is … until it’s not. Unable to return to the comfort of his known world, Trevor is forced to confront splintered parts of himself, unanswerable questions and spiritual realities. The same penchant for holding tight to secrets which threatens to destroy him, may be the key to his redemption. Will their world views expand to include the impossible – a shared destiny?