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Love and Alzheimer's
Love and Alzheimer’s is the true story of the relationship that I have with my wife Vera and how it has evolved after she started losing much of her memories. I believe it to be a story of hope and tenderness and how to create more love in one’s life situation. I describe the myriads of emotions that come up in almost a roller coaster fashion and how I deal with them and what Vera’s response is to the way that I do so. It is about the challenges and the rewards for getting as close to another human being as can be possible. I believe it to be a groundbreaking treatise in that we use a lot of touch, kissing and sensual work to keep the communication open to love and expansion when words are not generated like they once were. I believe that this book once available will aid many folks in the care and loving of their loved ones who have been affected by dementia. It is an alternative to putting them in an institute and giving up on them. It is real and it has worked for us. It is not always easy but it is strengthening and uplifting. I also think that it has enough interesting information to be of service and to entertain someone who is not faced with this task. The style of the book at first goes between a descriptive How to Book and a personal journal until it finally evolves into a fairly cohesive chronological journal that is also educational. Thank you for taking the time to check it out. Steve Bodansky