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Katharine Sweet
Love Is...
Have you heard the one about the small-town girl who got knocked up by the ex-wife of an ex-con that she'd never met? No? You should, it's a pretty good one. Kassarah wasn’t impulsive...until she was. One minute she was volunteering as a surrogate mom to help a couple start their family, the next she had been inadvertently dragged into a revenge plot. Mat wasn’t having kids...until he was. One idiot decision that pissed off his ex had somehow resulted in a complete stranger knocked up with his kid. Hadn't he screwed his own life up enough without taking anyone down with him? Besides, love only worked in the movies. With Kassarah and Mat deciding that living together might be the easiest short-term solution will the help of a mostly supportive family, crazy friends, and a lot of nonsense be enough to loop these two into a love story? Katharine M Sweet’s debut novel, Love Is…the self-described 18+ “dramatic romantic comedy” is a M/F, slow-burn romance with a bit of spice, a found family, plenty of humor, and more heart. This twist on the accidental pregnancy trope will draw you in with unforgettable characters akin to the style of Tessa Bailey’s Bellinger Sisters Series. Love Is…is the first book in the Goodroe Brothers Series. Grab your favorite comfort drink and read it now! Trigger Warning: This book contains discussions of pregnancy and complications associated with this condition. There are references to abuse both physical and psychological to minors and adults. There are sexual situations, adult language, and adult humor.

"It's refreshing to read a romance novel with heroes that are not billioners, millioners, dukes or firefighters. The hero in this book is an excon who is struggling to pay debts and doesn't want anything to do with the heroine. It's a slow burn love story and i loved the character development for both the hero and the heroin. After reading this book I feel like I know them personally and I want Vinie's story so I can see more of Mat and Kass."