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Franco Cardiello
Love Is a Mental Illness
A mental health counselor looks at love through a psychological lens and dissects his own unhealthy relationships. True experiences come together in this linear story like a novella of poetry. His unique style educates and his emotional introspection resonates. Hearts can make us do crazy things and toxic relationships can make us feel insane. Love can be painful, but some of us keep trying again and again – we must be crazy.

Love is a Mental Illness is a beautiful and intimate look into the heart and mind of Cardiello. Cardiello brings wisdom, sincerity, curiosity, heartbreak, and love to the pages and you finish each phrase feeling privileged to observe such a ravishing creation.

There are a lot of talented poets in the world. Cardiello’s work is unique and one of a kind as he has the knowledge to explore his thoughts and feelings via his education and long career as a mental health professional and then he has the ability to form those deep feelings into breathtaking statements. 

The reader is left wanting more.

Sandra Damiani

A passionate poetry collection about a mental health counselor struggling with toxic relationships. The deep amount of feeling put into every word brings a smooth transition between sensuality and the issues people bring into their relationships. I enjoyed how the collection stirs your emotions while at the same time educates you about the need for self-reflection in implementing positive change. I think that the best part of the whole collection is that it contains parts of the own poet’s life story.