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Tracy Stone
Love Remains, A Guide Through Grief
Tracy Stone, author
Grief, for many, may feel like an undefeatable trial that comes with crushing waves of sorrow, pain and uncertainty. Even for those with a generally positive outlook on life, the overwhelming depths of grief can feel, at times, all-consuming, inescapable and insurmountable. It’s an unknown, uncharted journey fraught with setbacks, fears, doubts, guilt and tears. Yes, grief is complex, incredibly difficult, unpredictable and, yet, inevitable. One of the most common misconceptions about grief is that in order to move on with life, to cope, to no longer look or feel broken, you will have to stop mourning or grieving. In reality, you don’t need to let go of the person you love or stop grieving and missing them in order to move forward with life. The key is in learning to make room for both of these aspects to exist within you. The stories, experiences, tools and techniques shared throughout this powerful book can help you find your way back to the resilient, loving, lovable, brave, worthy, wonderful you again. The sharing of deeply personal stories of others who have walked in your shoes, the insights into how and why grief has come to sit with you for a while, and the resilience building tools, techniques and actions at the end of each chapter will gradually build your own, personalized grief survival guide. One that you can dip into on your own time, going at your pace, finding and using your own unique experience and words. So, if you are ready to move forward, or you like the idea of finding that elusive balance in your grief, you have come to the right place to heal and grow from the profoundly consoling certainty that the Love Remains.