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Kim Linette
Lulu Llama and the Triangle of Drama
Kim Linette, author

Children/Young Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

With a trio of high-drama llamas as friends, how will Andi have any fun? Stuck doing chores on her family’s llama farm, Andi longs to have more fun. She tries to befriend a trio of llamas, but she quickly gets caught up in the triangle of drama caused by Bully Bart, Victim Viv, and Fixer Fred. It’s only with the help of another, wiser llama—Lulu—that Andi begins to understand the drama-free truth. Lulu Llama and the Triangle of Drama is the fourth book in the EQ Explorers SeriesThis story centers around the powerful EQ principle: Choose to be Drama Free. It's a lesson in emotional intelligence that is essential for every child.