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Rebecca Rosenberg
MADAME POMMERY, a Champagne Widows Novel

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Madame Pommery (March, 2023) A Champagne Widows novel Champagne, France, 1860. With the surprise of a newborn at forty years old, Madame Pommery is suddenly widowed and must support her family. With no experience, she starts a champagne house and invents brut champagne, breaking society and patriarchal rules. Wanting a winery to host customers, she takes over the city dump and builds the most spectacular castle winery in the world with eighteen kilometers of underground caves to store champagne and display mind-boggling art.
Amazon Editorial Reviews

Fascinating! Madame Pommery's story sparkles as brightly as her famous fizz. What a woman! -Kate Braithewaite, author of THE GIRL PUZZLE - a story of Nellie Bly

Brava! Magnifique! Another fabulous read! A 5-star read in every way!Rosenberg has followed bestselling novel Champagne Widows, featuring Veuve Clicquot, with an equally extraordinary story of a courageous and forward-thinking young widow, Madame Pommery. ~Patricia Sands, Award winning author

Vibrant scenes with an outspoken heroine reminiscent of Scarlett O'Hara, this book will keep you reading late into the night. A thrilling and true story! Newly widowed Madame Pommery let nothing stand in the way of her dream of making champagne—not age, lack of experience, a greedy banker, or even the Prussian Army, which turned her home into headquarters for the Franco-Prussian War.  ~Martha Conway, Awarding-winning author of The Physician's Daughter

A must-read novel offers a fascinating look at the courage, brilliance, and unswerving will of a woman well ahead of her time. Rich in historic detail and populated by beautifully drawn characters,  the novel immerses the reader in mid-19th century France, when societal restrictions on women, the Franco-Prussian War, and the male-dominated domain of champagne, test the resolve of the indomitable Madame Pommery. --Sharon Friedman, author of In Freedom's Light

 Through heartache, love, and loss, we fall for tenacious Madame Pommery, who perseveres through war to reinvent champagne as the dry brut that we enjoy today. A masterpiece not to be missed! ~Carol VanDenHende, award winning author of Always Orchid

From the first chapter, Rosenberg establishes the atmosphere of provincial France in the mid-1800s and introduces a heroine whose wit and determination will capture your heart. Rosenberg's writing, the subtle and wholly original sense of humor that she always manages to insert into her stories without distracting from their often-harrowing plots. This book covers a lot of ground, with chapters that are short and move quickly, providing a pace that keeps the reader from feeling bogged down by too much detail. Her intimate knowledge of the era, as well as the details of wine-making, give the novel a vividly authentic flavor. I highly recommend Madame Pommery for fans of fiction with historical significance and a strong, colorful female protagonist. ~Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard, award winning author of Sisters of Leod Castle