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Magic Source Codes: The Craft of Reality
Cat Howell, author

Ready to cultivate your dream reality?

The world of magic is shrouded in stigma and fear but to those who dare open their hearts awaits an empowering practice of self discovery.

Whether you find yourself in a structure that no longer fulfils you, overwhelmed or confused, or if you are merely curious about what magic has to offer, this revolutionary book holds the answers.

In Magic Source Codes, Cat Howell demystifies the fear of alchemy, and dives into the naturally occurring states of gnosis that will allow you to crack the code of manifestation.  A guide to the craft of reality.

Cat Howell is a world renowned thought leader on magic and alchemy.

At the height of financial success, running a multiple eight figure company Cat found herself trapped and deeply depressed. She credits her newfound wellbeing and the ability to maintain harmony and confidence in the face of adversity to the techniques of alchemy.

Plot/Idea: 8 out of 10
Originality: 9 out of 10
Prose: 9 out of 10
Character/Execution: 8 out of 10
Overall: 8.50 out of 10


Plot/Idea: Offering a wondrous mix of intimate personal stories and helpful how-to tips, Magic Source Codes acts as an invigorating guidebook to recovering a central life-force by embracing magical practices. 

Prose: With beautiful metaphors and vivid imagery, Howell reveals deeply personal moments and discusses her struggles with raw honesty.

Originality: Howell provides helpful insights into basic, holistic magical practices and includes authentic examples taken from her own life that will inspire readers to embark on their own journeys. 

Character/Execution: Howell discusses magic in a practical way, decoding many of the elements that mystify modern audiences. By clearing up common misconceptions, Howell lights a clear pathway for readers to see how magic can be personally transformative.


Date Submitted: January 20, 2024