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Jennifer Barrett
J. Barrett, author

For generations, the Keepers of Imbria have wielded the power of the four elements and kept their world safe, fostering peace and prosperity. They were united in this endeavor, until one of the Keepers chose to forge her own path, igniting a spark that could burn their entire world to ash.

Now the world is on the edge of chaos and a family has been torn apart.
It has been ten years since the fateful battle of Queen's End, and Samirra is ravaged by famine and plague. The Council of Elements has fallen apart, and Maialen, the Keeper of Earth, is the only one who seems to care about holding together the tenuous peace amongst the realms. As the threat of the Fomori grows and war seems inevitable, she realizes that to save her own kingdom and the rest of Imbria, Maialen will have to betray those she has sworn allegiance to and look to the last person she ever thought she would trust.

All the while, the looming prophecy of the Solvrei still hangs over the world like a dark shadow. To do what is right, Maialen must decide if she believes the prophecy, and if her sister's child is truly of divine blood, or if he is merely a deranged little boy raised to believe that he is the descendant of Gods, another of Orabelle's mistakes that she is forced to try to correct.

Whatever the Earth Keeper chooses, the fate of the four realms now rests on her.

From award-winning author J. Barrett comes the exciting second book in a gritty adventure series full of heart, loyalty, intrigue, deception, and a host of bittersweet emotions.