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Make Them Scream
Rewriting Baby the bulldog's heartbreaking story. And in this story, those who brutalized her do pay. Based on Andrew and Daniel Frankish; the two brothers who brutally abused Baby the bulldog. A dark fantasy that takes place two years into the future. 100% of all proceeds will be donated to an animal rescue foundation in Baby's name and all sales and donation amounts will be posted on Amos and Dougal Foulsom, known as the evil brothers who viciously tortured Baby the bulldog, cannot escape their wicked past. After years of living in constant fear, moving from place to place, the brothers finally settle down in Harlesden, a district in the London borough of Brent. Forced to sell their bodies in order to feed their costly drug addiction, the brothers become acquainted with a cloaked man who goes by the name Ariel. He soon becomes their benefactor, and eventually agrees to help the brothers leave London for good, to relocate somewhere where they won't be hunted and recognized. In the interim, as preparations to travel abroad are being made, Ariel sends the evil brothers an exclusive bed and breakfast, located deep inside the Dering woods---London's most haunted woodland. Completely vulnerable, swallowed by a forest of reaching trees and overly vivacious creatures, Amos and Dougal quickly discover why the Dering woods is infamously known as the Screaming Woods.