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Pinar Tarhan
Making A Difference (M.A.D.)
Pinar Tarhan, author
Making A Difference is a contemporary romantic comedy set in NYC. Everybody loves Jay. He’s that humanitarian PR guru who doesn’t live like the rich and runs a profitable company so that he’ll have more resources to help people. He defines himself through how much he and his company make a positive impact. He's engaged to a gorgeous CEO whose purse collection could feed the homeless in NYC, but he’s only human. If anyone notices the irony, it’s Jay’s new partner Zoe. 10 years older than her, Jay is the reason she studied PR. So when Jay's business partner/best friend takes a less pressuring position, she's delighted to return to the firm she interned for. But Jay and Zoe have a big secret: 5 years ago, they fell hard for each other. She was a student at NYU where Jay was a lecturer. To Jay, his legacy was everything, and he'd never risk his reputation by dating a student. Moreover, he'd die before he let Zoe ruin her career. She is furious he doesn't take the risk for them. She leaves the country to get over him. And now she’s happily coupled-up with lovely writer Colin. Colin detests Jay, and he doesn’t even know the entire story. Zoe’s upset Colin’s turning into a whiny jerk, but he’s the first guy she has felt strongly for in a long time. Jay can no longer dismiss his feelings as nostalgia, but Zoe's still furious at him. And the last time he tried to fix things, she left the company and the country. And now that the stakes are even higher. Will Jay be able to follow his heart even when improving the world seems easier?