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Christina Vaughan
Author, Service Provider
Mammoth Hunters in Oklahoma, newly discovered little walls of rock art
Enter the mysterious and fascinating minds and world of the mammoth hunters through their rock art. Their walls were not cave walls but the surfaces of small rocks from 1" to 4 1/2" plus a 33-pound sculpture with thousands of very tiny rocks. Lost in the mists of ages, much of the history and lives of the mammoth hunters in North America have been hidden from us. The time of the mammoth hunters is so ancient, eleven thousand years and older, that all we have found are a few primitive cave paintings or cliff rock art, some mammoth and mastodon skeletons, a broken spear point or two in a bone, scattered stone spear points, bone and stone tools, and some human remains dating back as far as 16,500 years ago. Even more recently discovered possible artifacts in Mexico, could push the date back to 30,000 years ago.2 What were they like? How did they live? These were questions I wanted to answer by studying the rocks I found. The mammoth sculpture was in the garage when I bought the house. Landscapers delivered a few thousand small river rocks to my garden project. Among those rocks were hundreds of little images carved and/or pigmented by the first Native Americans. Many rocks have images of mammoths and other extinct creatures. The book has about 146 pages of photographs of never-before-seen ancient rock art and 13, 000 words. The images tell stories, give instructions, and show a connection to Sasquatch aka Bigfoot!