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Mike Gaylor
Man's Search for Cabadgery
MJ Gaylor, author
Our world is a mess. The fabric of society has been stretched to its limit and is being torn asunder. The reason for this dilemma is abundantly clear. People are desperately looking for something they have lost. They are like bewildered children, running through a dense forest, hoping the next clearing will lead them home. Mankind is longing for a missing part of his or her true identity. People build bigger mouse traps, but they never seem to catch the mouse. No matter how hard a person tries, he or she will never solve the puzzle of life. God had bigger plans for His created ones than the treadmill of life. Man's Search for Cabadgery points the reader away from this world and toward the glory of God with clear cut paths and simple trail markers. Have you ever put a puzzle together, and then, realized a few of the pieces were missing? Think of this book as a light to help you find the last few pieces of the puzzle of life. It is God's desire to pour out His abundant grace to you. It is God's desire that you reach the place of Cabadgery.