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Debra Elise
Managing Blake
Debra Elise, author
Opposites attract, but do they last? Former all-star player, Blake Anderson manages the Idaho Outlaws. He has one goal-win the league championship by the time he's forty. A wife and kids? He can wait. He's lived his life under the motto, 'one night is enough'. Then the woman who he's been lusting after from afar is available and one kiss is not going to be enough. What happens when the right person shows up at the wrong time? Caris Sloane needs to have a baby-now. Her well laid plans of career, marriage, and baby become flipped. Her ex, who she thought was finally Mr. Right turned into Mr. Wrong-six months ago. A lab failure destroys her frozen eggs-six days ago. She crashes a bachelor party and kisses Blake-six hours ago. Definitely wrong time. She needs a vacation and a new plan.