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Manner of the Sundog
Ted Cabana, author
Manner of the Sundog is a geopolitical Sci-Fi thriller (Polar Opera) about a young physicist living in a postmodern Antarctica. The story depicts life, culture and the political struggles following a century of intense climate change, war and social discord. Young physics prodigy, Bane Elrick, is thrown into a conflict between the Annortics governing body, ICS, and an imperialistic Union controlled by GRANT Corp. an aggressive multinational resource and trade company. The story is set around the city of Ellsworth, located on the beautiful west coast of Antarctica, where ICS has become the target of espionage and victim of brutal attacks carried out by Grant's Lynx Army in an attempt to recover land rights and lost secrets of invaluable technological powers, vital to their ability to control the world’s economy. Bane Elrick tells his story of life, love, and excessive greed, and his rise to leadership of the world’s most elusive continent and sovereign nation…Antarctica.