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Antwan Williams
MANSA'S Little REMINDERS: The Money Workbook for Kids Part 1

Picture Book; Business & Personal Finance; (Create)

Children learn about financial literacy, wealth creation, and money management in this easy-to-follow workbook developed as a second step to Mansa’s Little Reminders book. In this workbook, children will learn the tools to normalize wealth and financial freedom. Learning is easy and long-lasting through the use of interactive exercises and fun assignments. Parents, families, and educators can support their children in developing foundational skills to responsibly earn and retain money. Together, we can create a generation of future wealth builders. This workbook will: •\tTeach children about budgeting & saving money •\tIntroduce kids to the role of an entrepreneur •\tHave them run through real business scenarios appropriate for their age •\tEncourage them to interact with elders to seek guidance and mentorship