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Jeevan Gopalan
Was this their last goodbye? The Marga’s decision to leave Prithvos (Earth) was difficult. They had been here for thousands of years, spanning thousands of generations. After leaving their home planet Ishkoe, they discovered Prithvos (Earth), a paradise. They had grown accustomed to the good life because many of their generation had spent their lives on Prithvos. Even though they had known from the start that they would have to leave once Homo-Sapiens, the only native Sentient, became intelligent, they found it difficult to leave Prithvos. It was a tearful farewell because they were saying goodbye to some of their friends whose memories had been erased for a reason. Dr. Ingrid found the code in the DNA of a subject she called "Kigeni" (an alien in Swahili). Did The Toba compel the aliens to leave Earth, where they have lived as refugees for thousands of years?