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Marina Blue and the Mermaids of Tamesis
M J Moon, author
When miserable Marina Blue discovers that she is about to be dragged away on holiday to a dismal cottage on a windy clifftop, she yearns for something amazing to happen in her dull life. Unexpectedly, help comes in the form of her creepy next-door neighbour, Runa Rockbottom, who gives her an unusual mermaid pendant. Then, one unremarkable day from a clifftop Marina spots a shoal of extraordinarily large fish. But are they fish or are they…mermaids? Do mermaids even exist or are they just a fairytale? Does the strange pendant have the ability to attract mermaids? Could it possibly be a magical pendant? Marina is on a mission. A mission that unwittingly catapults her into The Something Else shop where she meets action hungry Ricky Rock. The pair embark on a fantasy adventure to find the fairytale mermaids. Unbeknown to them, an evil duo hell bent on stealing the precious magic pendant to capture the mermaids are hot on their trail. But wait! Marina has a crippling fear of water, can she overcome her fear in time to save the mermaids from extinction? Follow Ricky and Marina on their epic mermaid fantasy adventure in the uneventful seaside town of Rock-a-Nore as they uncover the secrets of the magic pendant in their race against time to save the Mer-Goddess and Mer-kind from doom.