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Marion Hill
Marion's 25
Marion Hill, author

Adult; Literary Essays, Critiques & Biographies; (Market)

The book you need to read when you don’t know what books to read! Even the most seasoned readers can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of different novels available in bookstores and online. So what do you read when you don’t know what to read? Popular author and book blogger Marion Hill has reviewed over 160 books since 2011. Here he shares 25 of his favorites with you, encompassing all genres from literary fiction to fantasy, science fiction and mystery. Whatever your taste in books, you will find a world of new books and authors here to expand your library and give you exciting new literary worlds to explore. Marion’s 25 is the only book you need to read when you don’t know what to read!
Donovan's Literary Services

Marion's 25 is the book to turn to when you run out of inspiration for selecting a read practically guaranteed to be a page-turner. It comes from a professional book reviewer whose recommendations are backed by the authority of nine years in the book reviewing business, plowing through mundane readers to unearth the gems that make up this compilation.
The first thing to note about Marion's 25 is that it selects books across genres. Thus, readers who enjoy all kinds of writings, from sci-fi and classics to modern fiction (both acclaimed and lesser-known) are in for a treat, because it's nearly guaranteed that most won't be familiar with a majority of books on Marion Hill's list of top recommendations, gleaned from the extent of his career.
It's unusual to see a classic such as Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man appear on the same list as Mark Helprin's ethereal Winter's Tale or horror novelist Dean Koontz's Cold Fire, for example; but these are solidly compelling literary giants in their genres, and their books are standouts from the crowd for reasons explained by Hill in the chapters (essentially, book reviews) which cover them.

The result is especially recommended for readers looking to branch out from their normal comfort zones of genre reads, but who want to pick exciting, better-quality reads that surprise, delight, and promise that the risk taken to expand one's repertoire will result in superior choices.
Marion's 25 is well worth the effort, as well. This reviewer, for one, will be using it to locate the many exceptional gems missed in the deluge of more mundane publications.  (Diane Donovan, Donovan's Literary Services)