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Colleen Mitchell
Mark of Stars (Book 1 of The Chronicles of Talahm)
The only clues to Emma Jackman’s destiny as Talahm’s Seventh Sorceress are the tesseract birthmark on her right palm and the last, precious letter from her father on her eighteenth birthday. When she and her brother Luke arrive from Earth to reunite with their dad, Luke has a Vision bigger and more devastating than ever before… A prophecy showing the destruction of Camelot and the death of their father Tomás. Having just gotten her dad back, Emma will not lose him again, even if she has to break the rules of magic to do it. Someone has betrayed the crown. Talahm’s two most ancient and almighty sorcerers lay in an irreversible sleep, caused by the same curse now trapping the entire population of Camelot inside the city walls. Day by day, the curse slowly moves to the center of the city, killing nearly everyone it touches. Emma must break the curse before it reaches the citadel, because if she doesn’t… A traitor will claim the crown of Renova over the bodies of Camelot’s people. And Luke must wake the ancients before Emma breaks the curse, because if he doesn’t… Tomás Artair will die.
Readers Favorite

Fantasy lovers rejoice, for, with Mark of Stars, they will experience a sprawling world full of magic and lore to immerse themselves in. Colleen Mitchell's young adult fantasy novel is a wild rollercoaster of a ride from start to finish. The author has an eye for attention to detail, and the world of Talahm feels fleshed out, which makes the story all the more engaging. I found the characters vibrant and compelling. Emma, Luke, and Bethany are the three major characters you find yourself rooting for. I immensely enjoyed their dynamic, and the scenes between the three of them together were some of my favorites from the book. If you're a fan of young adult fantasy stories, check out The Chronicles of Talahm series.