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Tanisha Jones
Mark of the Fallen
Long ago, he abandoned her breaking her heart. Years later, he returns and re-ignites a long-dormant passion. Can she forgive his betrayal and open her heart to him again? Karim, Vampire Prince of Tyre, once rescued Celeste from a watery grave. Bound by his words, he abandons her with dire consequences. Years later, he comes face to face with the woman who has haunted his dreams, but she is already promised to another Celeste is drawn to the dark and noble Karim. He ignites passion and anger that has burned for eons. Torn apart by his betrayal, she still longs for the only love she’s ever known. But she’s been promised to a man she doesn’t even remember. Unbeknownst to either, a plot’s been set into motion to push Celeste toward a destiny that could lead to the destruction of their entire world. Should she remain faithful to a man she has never met or succumb to a passion that she cannot deny? Mark of the Fallen is book two in the sexy and exciting Fallen Series. It’s an erotic, action-packed story of a goddess finding her humanity and a human finding his divinity during their ascent to love