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Married to a Ghost
Jennifer Rene Stanton laughed the first time she visited a psychic. She’d only gone to appease her friend, and the experience didn’t make her a believer. Within months, three unspeakable tragedies had wiped the woman’s predictions from her mind. For a decade, Jennifer lived a normal life. She married a wonderful man, and together they worked to provide a good life for their two kids. Then in 1989, Jennifer’s husband, John—a young, athletic, caring father—suddenly died of a massive heart attack. The psychic’s prediction had come true: she had married a man with dark hair and green eyes, and he had suffered a tragic death. Jennifer was devastated. But the very day that John passed away, he appeared silently at her back door. Soon the signs that John was still with her increased. He appeared in the form of a Lady Bug and a Firefly. Eventually the signs became more obvious. Cabinets open and closing, toilets flushing, TV’s and lights turning on and off, unexplained noises, happenings, and whatnot. and she found herself routinely communicating with her husband and his friends from the spirit world. Her children were also comforted by their father’s ghostly presence, although paranormal shenanigans sometimes kept them up at night. In her spellbinding memoir, Married to a Ghost, Jennifer now shares her otherworldly experiences with others who know they aren’t crazy but also know when they aren’t alone.