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Mary Throughout Infinity: The Story of the Mother of God

Adult; Spirituality/Inspirational; (Market)

Why did St. Gabriel the Archangel tell Mary that she was full of grace? Why did God the Father choose Mary to be the Mother of His only Son? The Virgin Mary has been known throughout the centuries as the Mother of God. However, there is so much more to Mary and the mystical connection she has to God and to humanity. There are many different opinions and beliefs about the Virgin Mary that many people do not fully understand or appreciate. This book tries to answer those questions and more by teaching us about Mary’s existence before creation, her life, her mission as the Mother of God, and her role in the Church.The Virgin Mary remained active on Earth after her Assumption and has chosen many people throughout the centuries to witness her majesty and to show them the way back to God.Who knows, she might choose you next time.