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Kimberly Greer
Masked Intent: A Modern-Day Morality Play

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

From being denied by her birth parents to marrying the wrong man, Alexa Winston has learned to cope with disappointment and heartache by masking her true self from the world. Divorced and finally living on her own terms, she shrouds herself in half-truths and bravado, content to live her quiet, predictable life – until she finds the job and the man of her dreams. As she falls deeper into both, and into a world ruled by powerful players jockeying for influence and dominance at all costs, she’s forced to weigh her truths against reality. Trouble is, though she’s a master at detecting self-deception in others, she’s slow to recognize it in herself.

Masked Intent takes a taut, complex look at how we hide behind inauthenticity to guide us through our interpersonal relationships. It’s a timely and relevant story that asks a key question: what does it matter how many followers, likes, and upvotes we have if we no longer recognize the person we see in the mirror?

Masked Intent is the first installment in The Morality Plays Series and ends in a cliffhanger. The story concludes in Intents + Purposes, which publishes in mid-2022.


A novel about falling in love and the choices we make, Masked Intent: A Modern-Day Morality Play reminds us that what makes a debut novel special has much to do with the relationship between reader and writer.

To this end, there is real craft and ingenuity behind Greer’s prose. Narratively and stylistically there’s control and clarity with enough freshness in her approach to make Masked Intent feel wholly original. But the real gem to be found here is how plausibly, and how patiently, Greer fills the spaces of ordinary living with characters who are vulnerable but undauntable to the last glorious cliffhanger of a page.

Both Alexa Winston and Mateo Da Rocha yearn for meaningful connection with Greer maintaining a warm but rigorously unsentimental tone despite material that could have easily lent itself to mawkish sentimentality. Her narrative at its best when it’s least definite, when the conversations are full of awkward holes and the relationships are in flux. And keeping us on edge so that we’re with Alexa and Mateo every step of the way, sharing in their relationship victories and the jolting setbacks.

Told from alternating perspectives Greer not only creates meaningful conflict but emotional honesty and endearing tenderness. Moments when cracks open in the narratives Alexa and Mateo have constructed to deal with their past. Revealing their loneliness and their aching to share life with someone they can truly trust.

There are times when the angst between Alexa and Mateo might have bordered on the insufferable were it not for Greer’s wit and a lightness of touch which not only adds a sense of fun to her narrative but makes Alexa and Mateo feel wholly relatable.

A superb read that comfortably avoids the genre’s many saccharin pitfalls Masked Intent: A Modern-Day Morality Play sets the bar for future releases from Greer and is an unreservedly recommended 5 star read!


5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it!!

Reviewed in the United States on October 8, 2021

Exceptional! This is definitely different from what I’m used to reading but I’m so glad I gave this a chance. The story develops in a way that keeps you coming back for more, and makes for a really well-paced read. Absolutely loved it!

Crossing my fingers for a book 2!

Chaz Jack

Kimberly Greer showed out when she wrote this book. I just ask to be part of the upcoming tv series cast as since this book will be on the same scale as the Vampire Diaries and The Originals. This is a very intense and thourough realization of things according to truth. I won't give any spoilers so just read the book and you will agree why spoilers aren't needed.


What a well-crafted, multi-dimensional story! I was very impressed with the way Author Kimberly Greer managed to weave together all the layers in a way that made for a cohesive and compelling finished product.

The development of the main characters was full and rich, but the author didn't stop there. She also fleshed out and helped the reader to truly 'know' the secondary characters... even those with relatively small roles. The world-building was also impressive, as was the pacing. I loved the way Greer evolved both Lexi and Mateo, both damaged by love (and parents!), both afraid to lay their hearts on the line, and the growth involved in breaking down their defenses and letting each other in. I loved how Lexi was strong even in her vulnerability. I loved how she was unshakable in her professional career, how she wouldn't be pressured to go against her morals And I loved Lexi's kids... they were priceless!

The writing format was unique: a novel broken into Acts with brief narratives told by Truth, Accountability, and Honesty. The first one caught me by surprise where I floundered a second or two trying to figure out the point of view, but it only took me a few moments to catch on and enjoy the way they added to the overall story.

I rate Masked Intent : A Modern-Day Morality Play five stars and wish I could give more... it deserves it. Seriously. I will reread Kimberly Greer's work as I look forward to her release of the 2nd in the series. Furthermore, I heartily recommend it.